Understanding Statutory Filing Obligations for Companies in Ghana

Annual Returns

Companies registered in Ghana are required by law to file their returns with the Companies Registry annually. This statutory requirement applies to all registered entities operating in the country. Newly formed companies are however required to file their returns at least eighteen (18) months after the date of incorporation.

Filing Process

As part of the filing process, it is also crucial to prepare and submit the audited financial statement of the company, indicating a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial performance over the reporting period.

The filing process also involves filling out the prescribed form for filing annual returns with essential company information. These include information on the past and present shareholders, particulars of directors and secretary, registered business address, particulars of shares and beneficial ownership information of the Company.

The completed annual returns form and the audited financial statement are submitted to the Registrar General Department for filing.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

Companies that fail to comply with the requirement of filing their annual returns within the stipulated timeframe become liable to administrative penalties for the duration that the default continues.

By understanding the filing requirements, adhering to deadlines, and seeking appropriate legal assistance, companies can ensure compliance with Ghanaian regulations and avoid potential penalties for non-compliance.

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